Day 4 and going strong I think?

As the picture suggests the 28 day challenge to Holistically Decluttering my life has felt like a little bit of a knickers in a knot time. Things are going really well but there have been as ever unexpected situations arise that throw things out a little. I have been able to just breathe and think about what each situation has been trying to teach me.

I have come to the very clear conclusion that patience and realising that not every situation in my life has to be perfect has helped keep my grounded.

For instance I am a case study for a lovely lady learning Cranial therapy and due to the wonderful Auckland traffic I was 10 mins late for my last session. Normally I would be stressing and putting my body through an increased rush of cortisol when realistically there was absolutely nothing I could do. I safely messaged her and explained I would be there as soon as I could, sat back and enjoyed the detours I would not normally have taken.

With regards to my home it is almost at the point of being perfectly decluttered and it feels fantastic, the huge benefit is the clear head space when entering the front door.

Decluttering your home is so liberating, but believe me it takes a long time.

Honestly it has been a very slow process over a good 3 years. You can't organise a home of 19 years having housed 2 adults and two children for all that time.

I suggest taking one room at a time go through all the cupboards draws etc and work your way through what you really treasure. Keep those items and pop everything else in a box to set aside. If you are unsure of anything pack it away in a storage area if you have one. You can return to these items at a later stage. (realistically if you don't use within the year they should probably go).

Once you have cleared everything have a good look at the room and all that is in it.

Does it bring you happiness? does it feel cluttered or fresh? If it feels cluttered have a look and see what is not really necessary to keep within that space. Is it useful or is it just for show then decide if you really have to have it.

Another good way is to clear the room of everything except the bare essentials live in the space and add things back as you need them, then you really get a true picture of if they really necessary.

These are just a few tips of what I have done over the years and am so close to having the decluttered home I have always wanted.

A big thing to do is to remind those living in your home to put things back where they find them, especially the little people. What a good thing to teach them from a young age it makes keeping on top of things so much easier in the long run.

Next time I will chat about how the food plan, recipes and exercise programs are going.

Happy decluttering

Much Love


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